1. Do you collect any data?

At the moment, we do not collect any user data from apps. On this portal Google Analytics is used. Also you can check privacy policy page.

2. What are the next features? Where is the project roadmap?

There is not public roadmap right now, but it will be available in future.

3. I have an idea. I would like to support you.

Contact Yaroslav Neznaradko


1. Popup window does not appear after unlock.

There are next possible reasons:

  • Application don't have enough permissions. (Notifications permission, Overlay other apps permission)
  • Actuflow mode is off. (There is toggle button in the app with Actuflow mode title)
  • You have Xiaomi device(Check this post, or find in setting "Display pop-up windows while running in the background" and enable)


1. Why iOS version is different?

Apple iOS doesn't allow apps to track lock screen in background so the app is a bit different.

2. What is the difference with Android version?

iOS version does not show a popup window after unlock. User should go to the app to put intention of phone unlock. So on iOS, it's harder to follow the idea, but from another perspective, it's also good. You have to return to the app before every lock.